Tinno Cycles started in 1977. Since then, we've continuously made high quality bike frames from the best materials available, using the highest standards of production. 

Our shop is located in El Retiro, Antioquia, high up in Colombia's Andes mountain range, at 7135 feet above sea level. We are surrounded by beautiful landscapes, and endless undulating roads that have brought about some of the best cyclists in the world (many of whom have ridden and raced on Tinno frames). We see the bikes that we build as ideal tools for our clients to connect with nature, and to test themselves. The passion we have for building bike frames, riding them, and for life as a whole are exemplary of the kind of joy and passion that we Colombians have. You can learn a bit more about Colombia, and the passion that we are referring to here.



Agustín Hincapíe (Tinno)
Framebuilder, Designer

Tinno has loved bicycles ever since he can remember. He has been building, riding, racing, and working on bikes for more than 40 years. As a result, the depth of knowledge and experience he has as a master frame builder is vast. So is his curiosity and drive, which are fueled by a hunger for knowledge. Tinno has always sought to share his love for the bike with others, and has thus become a beloved fixture in Colombia's cycling landscape. A rare mixture of passion, kindness and a drive have always defined his work.  



Santiago Toro
Team Leader, Customer Service

A passionate cyclist with an eye for detail, Santiago holds a degree in Industrial Engineering, and joined Tinno Cycles in 2014. He's obsessive about finding ideal solutions for every aspect of the frame building process, and spends much of his time working with clients, optimizing geometries of frames and riding his bike around the Colombian countryside.



Shop Mascot

Felix was found when he was only two months old by Tinno, near the small creek that runs by his home. Since then, the two have formed a strong bond. Felix is always at Tinno's side, enjoying himself as he plays among the tools and bike frames that populate the shop. The impact that Felix has had on Tinno's life is such that he's now become the icon of the bike frames we make.