Ageless beauty, personified

Cycling is as much about the present as it is about the past. Tales of rides with friends, races we competed in, or that we watched. History is a big part of what we love about cycling. So why not own a piece of history, crafted with modern materials and production techniques? This bike, with its beautiful steel fork and lugs honors cycling's past. But does so with modern tubing, retaining the ride quality that made bikes like these timeless classics. 


• Frame: Columbus SL Steel
• Geometry: Custom made
• Fork: Columbus Minimal 1" or steel fork
• Lugs: Lost wax Casting Lugs
• Headset: Chris King headset 1”
• Paint: Custom Paint by Tinno Cycles
• Cable Routing: External
• Bottom Bracket: BSA
• Rear Dropouts: Vertical style
• Seatpost Diameter: 27.2mm.

Starting from: $1500 USD + Shipping