Tinno Cycles included in Rapha documentary
August 2017

Late last year, we were visited by Rapha, as they filmed a documentary about Colombian cycling, its roots and future. The film has now been released. Along with other figures of Colombian cycling like Lucho Herrera, Cochise Rodriguez, Martin Ramirez and many others, Tinno Cycles is included in the film Abrazos

Film crew from Vice Media visits Tinno Cycles
September 2016

A film crew from Vice Media (New York City) visited our shop, and interviewed Tinno about his history in the sport of cycling, his process in building frames, and his devotion to the bike. 

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Bicycle Times Magazine (USA)
July 2016
Bike Review

"When riding a bike like this, its best to put aside any preconceived notions one may have about steel frames. Because chances are, those ideas are dated at this point. Built with Columbus Life tubing, the bike is surprisingly stiff and efficient on climbs. Modern steel like Columbus Life still manages to keep the forgiving quality that the material is known for, while the oversized headtube and tapered fork make descents feel surefooted. Again, a huge difference over the sketchy descents that many old steel bikes with 1” steerer tubes were known for. "

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Road Magazine (USA)
January 2016
Bike Review and article

"The bike is fun, and inspires me to ride a bit longer and harder. It feels amazingly stiff, almost aggressive, while being forgiving, and more importantly, fun. Its geometry is agile and snappy without being twitchy in any way. It’s exactly what I was looking for when I first wanted to order a modern steel frame."

Short Documentary about Tinno Cycles