Frequently Asked Questions

I live in _________, can you send the frameset here all the way here from Colombia? How much will shipping cost?
We can ship your bike frame almost anywhere in the world. Shipping to the United States, for example, takes roughly 5 business days and costs $250 (US Dollars). Framesets are delivered by FedEx.

Are there any taxes or duties due upon delivery?
It depends based on the country you are in. All taxes and duties are to be paid by the buyer of the frame, upon delivery.

How can I be fitted for a custom bike without going to your shop in Colombia?
We have a form that customers fill out, which gives us many key measurements that will allow us to build a perfect custom bike for you. This is the same form we at Tinno Cycles have been using since 1977 for thousands of happy customers. 

I'm going to be in/near Medellin, can I come visit the shop?
Absolutely! We'd love to have you. Our shop is located about 45 minutes outside of Medellin, actually closer to the international airport in Rionegro than the city itself. Let us know when you'd like to visit, and we'll try our best to host you. 

Can you build a frame for me in another material?
No. Each model is designed with a specific function in mind, so the materials selected are crucial for optimal performance. 

Do you build track frames?
Yes we do. We have extensive experience building track frames, and can tailor them and their geometry to suit the needs of the client. In terms of tubing and materials, we use our road frame models as a starting point. 

Are Tinno frames numbered?
Every frame that we build has a serial number, which we stamp on the underside of the bottom bracket.

Do Tinno frames have a warranty?
Yes. We offer a lifetime warranty for the original owner for any manufacturing defects. The forks that we use are covered by their manufacturer warranties. The headsets that we use (Chris King) have a ten year warranty.