Classic, with a modern personality

A bike transmits more than just road feel. It transmits emotion. That's part of what makes us love riding them. This frame represents a fine balance between the classic bikes from the sport's golden era, and today's technology. A perfect blend of past and present. A fantastic and agile road feel, all-carbon fork, and lugs to retain that bit of historic character that gives a nod to an earlier time. 


• Frame: Columbus Pegorichie UOS Steel
• Lugs: Richard Sachs
• Geometry: Custom made
• Fork: Columbus Minimal
• Headset: Chris King headset 1-1/8”
• Paint: Custom paint by Tinno Cycles
• Cable Routing: External
• Bottom Bracket: BSA
• Rear Dropouts: Socket Style dropouts
• Post Diameter: 27.2mm

Starting from: $2100 USD + Shipping